Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day two was a blow-out in the real world

I spent today pounding the pavement, resume in hand, asking every single business if there were any openings or who I needed to talk to to find out about possible openings. I distributed fifty copies of my resume to various businesses (that's all I had with me) and filled out I don't know how many application forms. 

And when I got home and checked my email... Thirty-Nine rejection notices. 

It doesn't get more disheartening than that really. I don't know where my next rent payments coming from, and I'm already slipping behind on my bills. 

The only thing of value I have that I can sell is my cello, and I know that unless I can wait months and months for the right customer, I'll never get what its worth. ($13,000 at the last insurance valuation) If anyone wants to buy my cello, let me know asap!!

I don't have a car (public transport is faster, safer and cheaper where I live).
I don't have a TV (my housemate owns that)
I can't sell my computer, its just too important to what I do, and if the internet fairies are nice, could help me make money.
I don't have a degree because I left school to help my Dad with bills (big family)
I don't have any special skills, and I don't have capital to use to start a venture properly.
I don't qualify for benefits, and even if I did there'd be an eight week waiting period because I've never been on benefits before. 

What do I have? 
More determination to stay solvent and safe than most people have. I will make a living in my city, and I will be good at it. 
I will pay rent next week, no matter what happens. 
I will maintain my self respect, even if I leave my pride at home. 

I will. Because failure is out of the question.

Day two update

It is now day two of trying really hard to stay solvent and Google hasn't indexed my blog yet, so I'm wondering how long that will take. I see indexing being pretty vital for traffic, as I want fresh traffic all the time, as well as recurring traffic. Fresh traffic is important because people who visit my site all the time are going to ignore the ads by habit, where new visitors are more likely to click an ad.

So here's hoping Google indexes me soon... really hoping...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Earning Money Blogging

Ok, so I went out and found loads of information on logging for money. Loads and loads and loads. And most of it is pretty useless. 

Blogging for money comes down to TWO elements
1. Ad revenue
2. Affiliate links

Now lets take a closer look at them individually.

1. Ad Revenue
This is pretty simple - you put ads on your blog or web page (or you get someone else to, Adsense, for example), and each time someone clicks the ad, you get a small payment. 
See? Simple.
BUT! You need to get a fair few clicks to generate any real earnings.

Say, 10 percent of visitors to your site click an ad, and you get $0.10 per click. To earn $100 you need TEN THOUSAND hits to your site. 
So, to earn ad revenue, you need Traffic. As an added bonus, the more traffic you get, the more you get paid per click, so that $100 in my example would be much, much easier to reach. Advertisers like busy blogs, so they'll pay more. 

Advertisers also like blogs that are well liked by search engines, and to be liked by search engines you need traffic, and you need to always be loading fresh, relevant, content constantly to maintain your ad revenue. 

Recapping: To get and maintain decent ad revenue, you need high traffic levels and fresh, relevant content all the time. 

Moving on;

2. Affiliate Links
Also pretty simple: Earn money by selling other people's products. 

This will give you a much higher return per purchase than ad revenue, simply because you get a percentage of the purchase price. For example, if you direct a customer to a product that costs $80, you might get 40 percent of the cost, giving you $32.00.
Sounds pretty cool. 
BUT! You need more Traffic!

Just like above, if 10% of people click on a link, its "safe" to assume 10% of those people will purchase the product. So for ONE MEASLY sale, you need one hundred thousand people to visit your site. (Unless you are really, really awesome at selling other people's products and can get a higher conversion rate).

Doesn't sound so awesome right now, but in the end the higher your traffic, the higher your click through rate, and thus the more money you get. 

Selling other people's stuff takes effort, good copy writing and really, really good promotion skills. Mad skillz you could say. 

You also need a fantastic affiliate network you can source products from. So far, Click Bank looks the best; the most products and the highest percentage of sales as well - up to a whopping 75% of the money from every sale will go directly to you once the purchase has been finalized. I'll have more on affiliate programs in later posts. 

Recapping: To earn money from affiliate links you need, an affiliate program, really awesome traffic, and the ability to sell stuff for other people.

Later posts (coming very soon) will cover
1. Traffic
2. Affiliate Marketing
3. Selling stuff for other peopl
4. Other amazing stuff.

And for those interested, I haven't made any money from this blog yet. But given that its been up for less than five hours, I'm not complaining. 

In the Beginning there was nought but bills and desperation

I'll begin by stating clearly: I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING.

This is pure, by-the-seat-of-my-pants, newbie, desperado stuff. I know there are other people out there like me, right now, trying to get by, make a little extra, or even find something that lets them be the lazy person they know that they are inside. And I know there will be people just like me again... and again... and again. 

This is the very beginning of my journey - I know people *can* make money from blogging, and  also know that not many people do make money from blogging, at least, not many people make a fortune anyway. So, blogging is where I'm going to start.

Task 1. Find out how people make money from blogs (other than ppc revenue)

Task 2. Verify the results of task 1. as accurately as possible.

Task 3. Find out if the lessons learned from tasks one and two will help me stay not-bankrupt. 

I have a google search list of sites to checkout and literature to read, so I'm off to do that now, and I'll be back with my results. I'll publish my very first lessons within three hours of now, so stay tuned.