Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day two was a blow-out in the real world

I spent today pounding the pavement, resume in hand, asking every single business if there were any openings or who I needed to talk to to find out about possible openings. I distributed fifty copies of my resume to various businesses (that's all I had with me) and filled out I don't know how many application forms. 

And when I got home and checked my email... Thirty-Nine rejection notices. 

It doesn't get more disheartening than that really. I don't know where my next rent payments coming from, and I'm already slipping behind on my bills. 

The only thing of value I have that I can sell is my cello, and I know that unless I can wait months and months for the right customer, I'll never get what its worth. ($13,000 at the last insurance valuation) If anyone wants to buy my cello, let me know asap!!

I don't have a car (public transport is faster, safer and cheaper where I live).
I don't have a TV (my housemate owns that)
I can't sell my computer, its just too important to what I do, and if the internet fairies are nice, could help me make money.
I don't have a degree because I left school to help my Dad with bills (big family)
I don't have any special skills, and I don't have capital to use to start a venture properly.
I don't qualify for benefits, and even if I did there'd be an eight week waiting period because I've never been on benefits before. 

What do I have? 
More determination to stay solvent and safe than most people have. I will make a living in my city, and I will be good at it. 
I will pay rent next week, no matter what happens. 
I will maintain my self respect, even if I leave my pride at home. 

I will. Because failure is out of the question.


  1. Hey man just wanted to pop in and leave you a comment! I just started blogging a bit myself and was in the same boat job-wise a month or two ago. You will get through it just be positive. BTW ill check out an add for you, if you haven't gotten one yet, the first add click is exciting :D

  2. Thanks for the comment! (go you for being first!) And I *would* say thanks for the click, but the G-Man might be nasty to me, so I'll just let it be inferred.
    I hope everything's worked out for you job-wise, and it sounds like it has, so that's awesome. Right now, I'm doing lots of small things or rent money, and it's working out. Eventually I'll find something more permanent.

    Thanks for the feedback and all, and have an awesome week

  3. Funny thing about clicking the add, I was actually kind of interested in it, I clicked the "boxter wallpaper" one because my wallpaper is getting old and i kind of wanted to find a good hi-res one. I click the link and there are the boxters, but no wallpaper, just small pictures for customers... those jerks, lured me in! :D

  4. Oh nasty. I'll see if I can track down a hi-res wallpaper... or a site that has them free. I'll post if I can find any decent ones.