Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sorry world, short update with much to follow!

Well its been a few days since I last let you all know how its going... I've been insanely busy with various ventures and the blog kind of slipped slowly towards the 'low priority' side of things. But to make up for it, I do have a whole heap of information for you all... various products I've looked at, and systems that are available.

In the real world, given the weather here (winter, wet, cold, nasty), I decided to head out into the farming areas and try my luck at finding some manual labor work. Good news: I had four days work on a vineyard, and I might be able to get more work starting Wednesday. Bad news: I have blisters all over the palms of my hands (not on my fingers thankfully), and loads of other people are also starting to figure out that there is some work out there. It comes down to how cheaply your willing to work.

In other news; happy birthday to my Nan, 85 today!!
Congratulations to Narrell and John on their 30th Anniversary!

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