Monday, June 1, 2009

Everyone's read this scam before, or at least anyone with an email address

Yesterday I received an email from a scam "artist", letting me know that he had a large chunk or the late Kerry Packer's assets in holding, and that he wished my assistance to 'launder' the assets through a US bank. Why a criminal would need a 'good Christian' person to undertake criminal activity I don't know. But hey.

I replied to the email, and having imparted a fair bit of information on Mr Packer's estate (all of which is public domain information) and eagerly awaited any reply at all, but didn't expect one.

I received a reply!! How cool! Well, I thought it was cool until I actually read the second email I received. I have included my reply, (and the reply I received) for your entertainment. No offense is intended, and the image contained is (as far as I'm aware) public domain, and no reference is required, but it needs to be stated that the image is NOT MINE, I did not create it, and I do not expect to profit in anyway from the image.
If the creator wants me to remove it, please send me a message or reply to the post and I will do so immediately.


  1. Might want to check the format of your post again, the first three paragraphs are the same as the last three :-o