Monday, June 1, 2009

The Twitter Traffic Machine

The Twitter Traffic Machine looks like a really good system, and seems to be working really well for a lot of people. Not least of all for its creator, Bill Crosby (possibly a pseudonym). The Twitter Traffic Machine (TTM from this point) is based on the idea that the more followers you have, the higher the number of clicks to any link you post. Fair enough. Good theory. Does it work? Kind of. Does it boost your earnings? Probably not.

I had a good look at the ideas in the six videos that Bill has in his product, and the simple fact is, the TTM is badly out of date. When the product first launched, Twitter itself was still in the founding stages, but growing rapidly, so not many people on Twitter had learned how to leverage their followers for linking purposes. Recently however, Twitter is rife with people who can show you how to build followers and then use them to make money, and as a result, unless you already have a good follower base, most of the people that start to follow you (blind followers, or 'bought' followers) are people who want YOU to follow THEM so they can use you to boost their profits.
The biggest problem with the TTM however, comes from Twitter itself, and their constantly upgraded anti-spam systems. Any one person who's followers increase rapidly, or who's follower/following ration is skewed, will find themselves with their account frozen for a period of time, and anyone trying to access your profile, or send you a message will be told that your account has been frozen for spam-like activities. There goes your credibility.

The reason I know all this, is that a simple Google search put me in touch with a number of people who had purchased the product, and were willing to speak openly about it. One very generous person was even willing to point me towards the programs that Bill uses in his system.
This is interesting: Not one piece of information in the TTM is new, or unavailable for free. Every thing taught in the TTM training videos can be found FOR FREE on Google and Twitter itself. The TTM charges for free information, and can only justify the cost through the 'convenience' or having all the information in one place, and have someone run through it for you.
The product has not been updated since launch, and relies on online programs that no longer function in the way described by Bill in his training videos.

So, recapping: Do not purchase the Twitter Traffic Machine. Too many people are using it already, and the training in the videos is out of date. And you can find all the information free anyway.

I feel the need to point out that, like many MANY others, I could have expounded on the implied benefits of the TTM and used my recommendation to bring in my own affiliate profits. The reason I haven't is because I don't believe anyone should be talked into paying for an obsolete product.
I can't spare $25, so I don't expect anyone else to throw it away on useless stuff.

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